Welcome to LandCruisingLife – our RV travel blog! 

Ready to begin the adventure.....
Ready to begin the RV travel adventure…..

We’re Pam & Ed, a former accountant and software engineer, who left our secure jobs and comfortable suburban lifestyle to retire early and embark on a full-time RV travel adventure.

We hit the road on October 18, 2015.  This blog chronicles our adventures and includes some of our musings along the way.

What’s A Land Cruising Life?  

Our blog, “LandCruisingLife” is named after our vintage Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60.  It’s a tough, reliable, yet mechanically simple machine that gets you where you want to go.  The Land Cruiser has traveled far and wide and has been with our family through 29 years of adventure. Its miles have many stories to tell.  It is the mascot for our new life on the road.

Of course, we can’t live comfortably in a Land Cruiser, so we added a Winnebago Journey RV as our new traveling home (or as we like to say, our “condo on wheels”).  At 36 feet, it is just the right size for us and all of our worldly possessions.

To us, a “Land Cruising Life” means choosing adventure. Taking the scenic route. Slow travel.  Taking time to explore out of the way places and meet new people. It’s about living simply and finding joy in new life experiences.

Who Are We?

Ed is an Electrical Engineer but is best known for his ability write software and to hack mechanical things (in a good way).  If you want to know how something works, he is your guy.  (Warning:  Don’t ask unless you have time to hear the explanation! It will be a thorough one!)  Ed would be one of those people you would want to have with you if you were dropped off in the jungle with only a few odds and ends for survival.  He’s been called “MacGyver” a few times!  He is a ham radio enthusiast, a great cook and likes reading science fiction.

I am a CPA and spent my career in healthcare finance.  Although I’m the numbers girl in the family,  I am happiest when active and enjoying nature.  I am passionate about fitness and a big fan of P90x.  I enjoy yoga, vegan cooking, reading, and creative writing.  I try to laugh often and find beauty in the world around me.

Our passions are hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring off-the-beaten-path places. We love the outdoors and you’ll frequently find us doing something active and adventurous!

Why RV Travel?

Winnie and The Land Cruiser
Our Winnebago Journey a.k.a. “LCL Ranch” and our 1987 Land Cruiser

We desired a mode of travel that would give us the ability to live comfortably, frugally, and to stay in a place as long as we desired.  It also needed to fit with our outdoor-oriented, active lifestyle. Options included sailing, RVing, or renting a home in different locations.

After doing oodles of research, we felt that traveling in an RV would be an ideal fit for us.  We can travel slow and take our time in the places we enjoy most.  Our home will be where we are at that moment in time.

There are so many wild and beautiful places to explore and now we have the freedom and time to wonder at our own pace.  And the best part is…we don’t have to sacrifice comfort!  Our Winnebago Journey 36M is a perfect size and has everything we need to feel we are living a super luxurious life!

What We Wish to Share With You

Our wish in creating this blog is to share interesting stories, inspiring destinations and useful tips on RV travel.  We want to share the awkward moments, the adventures and the lessons learned.

We write this for anyone who dreams of a more fulfilling life in (early) retirement.  If you are thinking about retiring early to follow your dreams of full-time RV travel, we hope we can inspire you to go now!  Life is too short to not do something you love! We wish we had taken the leap earlier!

We invite you to follow along with us on our journey.  See you on the road!

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