Headlight cover to prevent  clouding of lens (sun damage)

Headlight cover to prevent clouding of lens (sun damage)

I read a post requesting information on how to restore a headlight lens that had become clouded.  Mine are not clouded yet and I’m going to assume that exposure to the sun causes them to get cloudy.  Going with the adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I decided to cover my lenses before they got cloudy.

With that in mind I started thinking about an easy cheap way to cover the lense to prevent damage.  I could rig up magnets behind the front cap and make a sun shade screen that would easily attach but that looked like a lot of work, not to cheap, and might damage the paint over time.

A few days later I came across a styrofoam fruit cup that was in storage.  This didn’t work for a couple of reasons.  The styrofoam cup could not be pressed in firmly.  If you pressed it in hard enough to not blow away it cracked after a few times.  They also did not take paint very well, the styrofoam dissolves a little when painted.

The next inspiration occured while at Whole Foods picking up lunch at the hot bar during a marathon grocery shopping trip.  There were carry out paper cups at the hot bar. Sturdy, and about the right size.  I used two of those for our water instead of the regular drinking cups and took them home to try out.  They worked perfectly and although it has only been a month or so I expect them to work well and stay on.

Our coach is a 2013 Winnebago Journey 36M with a Hella headlight.  I expect it is a pretty common size so perhaps this solution will work on a lot of coaches.

I painted the cups with body primer left over from a different project and the color turned out to be a pretty good match.

This is what the finished installed product looks like.  I haven’t covered the driving and signal lights because they don’t need to project light to function well so it isn’t as critical.  I’ll probably snag four more cups next time the opportunity presents itself and cover all 6 lenses.

I added “remove headlight covers” to my departure checklist.

The cup measures about 3.75 inches in diameter outside and about 3.5 inches inside.




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