Ready For The Road (sort of)

Ready For The Road (sort of)

10/18/2015 (ignore the post date)

Ready is clearly an overstatement but we eventual got to the point where enough milestones had been reached to have a reasonable chance of leaving with out having to abort. Sunday morning (Oct 18, 2015) is launch day and it starts with a final trip, full too the window again. Where will all of this stuff go?

My first chore is to air up the tires to full load capacity (110 PSI). Everything takes longer than expected and I got a lesson on how the little “convenience” fill tube capless caps can work loose and make filling a tire very difficult. Finally aired up, Pam in position to get me out of the storage slot, a pretty tight maneuver, but no go. The jacks are beeping to beat the band insisting they are not up and we must take the coach in for service. There is a work around for this and I have notes, so I whip out the manual, find my notes, and it doesn’t work. Pam is surfing on the phone and in 15 minutes has another workaround, which does work. Finally a few hours late now we are off to the Sears parking lot for hooking up and turning radius evaluation.

This is what our rig looks like in travel configuration. That is 62 feet total length, legal in most states. We hooked up in Sears Outlet parking. Drat, the light cord is to short. The truck is much higher than most cars so a special adapter is needed and that adapter adds a few feet to the distance from the coach to the truck.
hookedup01It is a bright clear day, I’ll fix the lights at McKinney. We move on testing the how the truck tracks. Some times the towed vehicle will track inside the coach wheel track making turning easier, but not us, we track about 3 feet on the inside for really tight turns. I’ll have to learn how to cope with this now larger turning radius.

Our first destination is McKinney campground a very nice US Corp of Engineers park on Lake Allatoona. A short enough drive from which we could easily abort back to Marietta if things went south. We have been loading our life into the coach for weeks, trip after trip with the truck full to the windows each time. The payload of the coach is over 2 tons which is 80 50 pound boxes and I was pretty sure I hadn’t carried that much in but you never know, plus there were the 12 solar panels and 3 charge controllers we had installed.

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