What is That?

That is the back of the dryer. The white tube is the hot air exhaust of the dryer the silver tube is the tube that goes to the vent on the exterior of the coach. The space between is commonly referred to as a problem in polite company or what sort of $%^& moron would install a dryer like this in more relaxed company. We discovered this when the coach started filling with steaming hot air when we dried the first load. Fixing something like this in a coach is not the same as in a home. The dryer is stacked on the washer in a closet. There is no access from the top bottom, sides, or back. This picture was taken blind with a good bit of discomfort and no small amount of dexterity, zooming, point and firing a shot in a space so small the camera had to be turned on only after it was in position where there is room for the lens to extend. I am pretty sure that a lot of this stuff is installed while the coach is being built. After that it takes some creativity to replicate the configuration with out building the coach from scratch again. Apparently the last person to move the dryer lacked the creative, or more probably the motivation to exercise that creativity when reinstalling the dryer. I decided to fix it from the inside out by going out to the vent on the exterior, cutting off the damaged tube from inside the tube, force the tube on to the dryer, and tape it on the inside. Seems to work perfectly. I used aluminum tape which in my opinion is vastly superior to duct tape for versatility.

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